Single vs Double Stainless Steel Sink: How to Choose for Your Brier Home

double stainless steel sink brier It’s easy to decide on putting a stainless steel sink into your new or remodeled kitchen. After all, they’re known for durability and being virtually effortless to keep clean. But if you’re on the fence about picking a single bowl sink or a double stainless steel sink, there are a few questions you can ask yourself to make the choice clearer.

Do You Have a Dishwasher?

Before dishwashers became commonplace in homes, double sinks appealed to homeowners because they made washing dishes more efficient. You could fill one basin with soapy water and one with clean water. Even if you have a dishwasher, you may still prefer the double sink when hand-washing dishes because you can put a dish draining rack in the second sink, freeing up counter space. 

Do You Use Your Sink for More Than Dishes and Food Prep?

If you’re one of those people who uses a kitchen sink to also hand wash delicate clothing, wash your hair or even bathe a baby, having a double sink can make all of those tasks more convenient. It also gives you a dedicated sink for dishwashing and one for all other household uses.

Do You Want to Follow Kitchen Design Trends?

Depending on who you ask, single and double basin sinks cycle in and out of fashion pretty regularly. Today’s wide range of sink designs may offer you something you haven’t even thought of, such as rounded corners, deeper basins or farmhouse styles. More important than following the latest looks, you’ll want to choose a sink that fits your lifestyle since you’ll be using it every day for years. 

Ready to Shop for Your Single or Double Stainless Steel Sink Near Brier?

Bryan’s Countertop & Cabinets provides selective homeowners with attractive yet functional countertop surfaces and cabinets. In-house fabrication ensures you get precision results with your custom stone countertops, custom wood cabinets and stainless steel sinks. Through hard work and integrity, combined with creativity and craftsmanship, we have earned a strong reputation for excellence, so contact us today to learn more about your choices in single or double stainless steel sinks for your kitchen project.

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